Our Results

Recent Cases

We have recovered over $100 million on behalf of investors throughout the country. The below is a sampling of recent and representative cases we have handled. The following cases are merely examples and our prior performance does not guarantee any future result.

  • Awarded over $4.2 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in attorneys’ fees on behalf of a client in New Hampshire in a bifurcated arbitration proceeding. A copy of the awards can be accessed here and here.
  • Negotiated a $2 million settlement on behalf of investors in Arizona who were defrauded in an options trading scam.
  • Won a $1 million on behalf of a New Mexico resident who alleged that his account was churned by his brokerage firm. The award also included interest and attorneys’ fees under the New Mexico Securities Act. A copy of the award can be accessed here.
  • Negotiated over $3 million in settlements for clients in New York and New Jersey who were victims of theft by their financial advisor.
  • Successful in negotiating settlements of over $10 million in settlements on behalf of groups of investors in syndicated tenant-in-common investments. The investors were situated in various parts of the country and the cases involved multiple brokerage firms.
  • Negotiated a $5 million settlement for an institutional investor in Massachusetts, who was defrauded by a broker-dealer that was violating MSRB rules.
  • Awarded $1,073,440 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The case involved the misrepresentation of a variable annuity and the award included $536,720 in punitive damages. A copy of the award can be accessed here.
  • Negotiated settlements of over $2 million for investors in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota who were invested in illiquid private placements.
  • Awarded over $523,000 on behalf of a Tampa, Florida based trust. The case involved the purchase of a non-traded real estate investment. A copy of the award can be accessed here.
  • Secured a $3 million settlement for a group of California clients. The case involved the unsuitable holding of “daily” ETFs for periods of longer than one day.
  • Negotiated a seven-figure settlement on behalf of a Denver, Colorado family that was invested in speculative and illiquid real estate securities.
  • Successfully negotiated settlements on behalf of clients in Hawaii, California and Texas whose financial advisors made unauthorized purchased of municipal bonds issued by Puerto Rico.
  • Won over $97,000 on behalf of a New Jersey resident who alleged account losses as a result of unsuitable investment recommendations. A copy of the award can be accessed here.
  • Negotiated a settlement of over $500,000 on behalf of a New York client based on allegations of selling away, overconcentration and unsuitability.
  • Settled FINRA arbitration claim for $475,000 on behalf of a group of investors related to private placements in start-up venture capital companies.   The clients alleged that the brokerage firm misrepresented the investments and failed to conduct even basic due diligence on the companies before recommending the investments to clients.
  • Successful in negotiating a six-figure FINRA settlement on behalf of a North Carolina family. The case involved allegations that the brokerage firm failed to conduct due diligence on the private investments that were sold to the family over a ten-year time period.
  • Won a FINRA arbitration on behalf of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania small business owner who alleged churning in his brokerage account. A copy of the award can be accessed here.
  • Secured large FINRA settlement for an elderly man from Washington in an arbitration seeking over $2.5 million in damages against national broker-dealer for allegations of front-running, churning, fraud, cross- trading with other customer accounts and failure to supervise in connection with the sale of multiple penny stocks.
  • Successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of a 93 year old widow from Indiana against a national broker-dealer in connection with unsuitable investments. The case involved the over concentration of her portfolio in highly speculative securities.
  • Negotiated a six-figure settlement on behalf of elderly Delaware residents. The case involved mutual fund switching and excessive “mark-ups” of securities.
  • Secured settlements for European clients whose securities accounts were churned by a New York based broker-dealer.