January The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) list of disciplinary actions issued in January 2018 reports the suspensions of more than three dozen registered representatives. The below individuals have signed letters of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC Letters) agreeing to FINRA’s suspensions without admitting or denying the alleged underlying conduct. Certain of these actions may have been lifted before or since they were reported in FINRA’s list, and the listed fines and penalties may not account for the full amounts paid by the sanctioned individuals, who may have been ordered to pay restitution or disgorgement as well. More information is available via FINRA.

Name Current/Former Employers Length of Suspension Fines paid
Joshua D. Bradley Merrill Lynch 6 months $15,000
James Michael Kennedy Securities America 15 days $5,000
Conor Knox Hobert Realty Capital Securities 2 years n/a
Janet R. Neumire JP Morgan Securities 3 months $5,000
Christopher Charles Schaeffer Chelsea Financial Services 9 months n/a
Richard Philip Eastburn UBS Financial Services 6 months $10,000
Edward Andrew Grey Watts Capital 10 months $15,000
William Porter Lawler Farmers Financial Solutions 3 months $5,000
Brad C. Lawing Cambridge Investment Research 5 months $10,000
Charles Terrence Lundell First Allied Securities 30 days $5,000
Cecil Bailey Byers Sunbelt Securities 2 months $10,000
Sandy Michael Galuppo WFS 1 year $10,000
Phillip Joseph Leach Morgan Stanley 45 days $5,000
Patricia Gail Peterson Innovation Partners 20 days $7,500
Jeffrey L. Slothower Private Client Services 15 days $5,000
William Norris Jordan Jr. WNJ Capital 1 year $7,000
Todd Frederick Taxman Farmers Financial Solutions 15 months $10,000
Robert Scott Wilder Sterne Agee Financial Services 3 months $5,000
Bufus Outlaw Jr. BOE Securities 30 days $5,000
Dickson Kai Chi Lo Thrivent Investment Management 2 months $2,500
Michael James Resciniti Spartan Capital Securities 7 months n/a
Daniel Joe Wilson Northwestern Mutual Investment Services 30 days $7,500
Terry Xing-Zhao Wu USA Financial Securities Corporation 2 months $5,000
Timothy Thomas Gibbons Morgan Stanley 18 months $20,000
Robert Francis Leis JJB Hilliard WL Lyons & Company 20 days $5,000
Danielle Jean McAniff Next Financial Group 2 months $5,000
Alyssa Jeanette Rakovich Advisory Group Equity Services 1 month $5,000
Philip James Fluegge Spire Securities 2 months $5,000
Isaac Franklin Stevens Jr. Raymond James Financial Services 10 days $5,000
Thomas Mark Cibotti Covington Associates 45 days $25,000
David Adam Elgart Sequoia Investments 6 months & 30 days $20,000
Paula Louise Harold PFS Investments 18 months $5,000
Paul William Lascelle Morgan Stanley 10 days $2,500
Michael Lawrence Oromaner Cova Capital Partners 2 years $25,000
Joseph Palermo Chelsea Financial Services 12 months $50,000
Matthew Robert Grabbe Raymond James Financial Services 10 days $7,500
Anthony Sica Joseph Gunnar & Company 3 months $20,000