Swan ShenPublicly available records published by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) on November 14, 2016 indicate that Massachusetts-based Capital Financial Services broker Swan Shen has received three regulatory sanctions. The securities and investment fraud law firm Fitapelli Kurta is interested in hearing from investors who have complaints regarding Ms. Shen (CRD# 3036612).

Swan Shen has spent seventeen years in the securities industry and has been registered with Capital Financial Services in Burlington, Massachusetts since 2014. Previous registrations include Cantella & Company in Boston, Massachusetts; Capital Financial Services in Minot, North Dakota; Cuna Brokerage Services in Waltham, Massachusetts; MetLife Securities in Springfield, Massachusetts; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in New York, New York; and Mony Securities in New York, New York. She is a registered broker with six US states: Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia.

According to her BrokerCheck report, Swan Shen has received two regulatory sanctions and was discharged from Cuna Brokerage Services.

In October 2016 the State of Maine sanctioned Swan Shen following “concern regarding Swan Shen’s disclosure history.” She was placed on heightened supervision for two years.

In 2015 the State of Massachusetts sanctioned Swan Shen following allegations she “copied and pasted client signatures, altered forms, and created consolidated customer statements which were then provided to certain customers without pre-approval” from Cuna Brokerage Services, her member firm. Ms. Shen was placed on heightened supervision.

In 2014 FINRA sanctioned Swan Shen following allegations she “used copy and paste to place non-genuine signatures of four separate customers on two mutual fund order forms (MFOFs) and one account application.” Ms. Shen was suspended for one month and was issued a fine of $5,000.

In 2013 Swan Shen was discharged from her position at Cuna Brokerage Services following allegations of “repeated violations of firm policy” including the alteration of forms, the creation of consolidated customer statements which were given to customers without pre-approval, and the cutting and pasting of client signatures.

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