Stock fraud attorney Jonathan Kurta quoted in Wall Street Journal’s Mediation article

Jonathan Kurta, Partner at Fitapelli & Kurta

Jonathan Kurta, a founding partner at the New York based securities and investment fraud law firm, Fitapelli Kurta, was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal.
The article, titled, How to Win at Mediation, discusses various ways clients can achieve a more favorable result at Mediation.
Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which has become an increasingly popular mechanism to settle claims, and avoid a lengthy trial. During a mediation, both sides of the claim with down with a neutral third party (the Mediator) and attempt to essentially resolve the case and reach a settlement. At the conclusion of a mediation, should the parties reach an agreement, a binding contract is drafted by one or both of the parties.
Mediators are often able expedite the process of negotiations by guiding and directing the parties attention to main points or finding ways to make both parties happy by suggesting compromises or agreements. By having a neutral third party present, clients often find it is easier to resolve large issues and stay focused on the big picture.
This is Attorney Kurta’s second time being quoted in the Wall Street Journal in the last six months. The last time Mr. Kurta was quoted was in October 2014 regarding a $1 million award for his client, stemming from allegations of churning.
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