GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) As millions held their breath and awaited the much anticipated release of Apple’s IPhone 6, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) cringed and awaited the inevitable – bankruptcy.

During the first week of October, Apple, Inc. announced their new IPhones would not use GT Advanced Technologies sapphire screen. GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) was awaiting Apples’ final prepayment of $139 million, however that payment never came when Apple, Inc. claimed GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) failed to meet its operational targets. As a result,, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) stock dropped an astounding 35% the next week.

Unfortunately, for GTAT investors, over the following days things only went from bad to worse, and on October 8, 2014 GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) declared bankruptcy as a result of a “severe liquidity crisis”. GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) stock dropped a staggering 92% following the announcement.

However, another source reveals GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) may have been experiencing financial trouble before the Apple deal was even on the table, and in fact, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) co-founder, Kedar Gupta stated GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) was in trouble even before it signed the agreement with Apple. Gupta described the Apple deal as a “Hail Mary” and stated “they [GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT)] were going down fast, and it was a desperate Hail Mary pass that didn’t work out.”

In early November, the news of a settlement agreement between Apple, Inc. and GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) was leaked and according to various sources, the details are soon to come.

Many investors lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of the sudden drop in GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) stock, however the law offers an avenue of recovery for these investors by way of arbitration with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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