VirnetXVirnetX (NYSEMKT: VHC) stocks plummeted a shocking 59.8% on Tuesday, September 16, after receiving a stern blow from the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington when a judge vacated a jury award of $368.2 million in damages.

VirnetX’s (VHC) sued Apple, Inc. the titans of the technology industry, for patent infringement back in 2012, which actually yielded a positive result for VirnetX’s (VHC). The jury awarded VirnetX’s (VHC) $368.2 million in damages, finding that Apple had in fact infringed on VirnetX’s (VHC) patent of the 4G LTE phone.

However, fate took a turn for the worse VirnetX’s (VHC) investors when Apple appealed the November 2012 ruling and won. As a result, VirnetX’s (VHC) stocks sank nearly 60% on September 16, 2014, the day the appellate decision was reached, causing many investors to experience unanticipated margin calls and broker fees.

Many of these investors may have lost money as a result of unsuitable investments in VirnetX’s (VHC), or a failure to diversify their portfolio on the part of the broker. Additionally, the potential churning of accounts mixed with a broker-dealer firm’s failure to supervise may lead to brokers receiving unearned commission or fees from their investors.

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