mark e. rauguth
Fitapelli Kurta is investigating complaints against Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. and its former representative Mark E. Rauguth related to fraudulent activity which may have occurred in Mark E. Rauguth’s customer’s accounts.
Mark Rauguth has been in the securities industry for 27 years and was previously registered at American Express Financial Advisors (1986-1997).
Mark Rauguth, the former Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. broker, was recently sanctioned by FINRA for improperly utilizing Raymond James Financial Services’s signature guarantee stamp on 34 occasions.  In one of those instances, Mr. Rauguth utilized the stamp on a letter of authorization even though he did not witness the requesting party’s signature or verify their identity.  Mr. Rauguth is no longer associated with Raymond James and was fined $5,000 by FINRA for this violation. A copy of the AWC can be found here.
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